Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some Past Artworks

 fried egg, watercolor
 White onions on a White Platter by Austin, Jalissa and Julian

white onions on a white platter 

Taylor's first Silkscreens

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Preliminary Hermit

The first draft of the hermit...done 4 years ago. Over the past years I focused on the research and now I'm doing the design work. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to carving, starting the strength card, or wait till I've designed the rest of the deck.

Yesterday's digital collage, design work to prep for woodcut prints.

every time i look at the traditional hermit card my brain starts singing "this little light of mine..."

 i've always thought the lantern in the waite card looked like a cage holding a star prisoner...


Look at my card and the Waite side by side:

in the Waite card the hermit stands upon a baren mountain top with his caged star...
In my version the hermit holds his broken lantern/cage in corn fields admiring the feral stars in the heavens...

in the traditional card the hermit is holding his knowledge to himself, yes we do need to seek alone time to gather our thoughts and develop our higher selves but at some point we need to leave the mountain top and free the light...share our knowledge with others so that it grows and bears fruit...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Projects update and Nibblefest for May

I started carving an image of a vintage ink brayer on a woodblock when I was struck down by a nasty infection.  This is as far as I got but now that my energy is starting to come back and I've finished posting my entries for May Nibblefest Art Contest, I can pick this back up and finish it and maybe even print some proofs before month's end...

May 2015 Nibblefest Entries

Theme: Freak Show

I've decided to try and tie my nibblefest entries to tarot cards that fit within the theme.  I will try to do two ACEOs and one large painting using the substrates that I made by laminating layers packing.

Strength: an original ACEO created using Inktense watercolor pencils and sharpie markers (right). It's inspired by a vintage circus poster and the major arcana tarot card Strength. Click the following link to go to the ebay listing: 

The Eight of Swords original ACEO created using Inktense watercolor pencils and sharpie markers (right). It's inspired by the tarot card and a vintage circus photograph. Click the following link to go to the ebay auction listing:

The Magician is an original 7.5" x 10.5" acrylic painting on upcycled food packaging (right). It's inspired by a vintage circus poster and the Major Arcana tarot card the Magician and the Aces... Click the following link to go to the ebay auction listing:

April Nibblefest Entries; theme was Space, Planets, Stars

Image on the left is The Star ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") miniature acrylic painting on 4 layers of re-purposed food packaging laminated and sealed with gesso.  The image on the right is the traditional tarot card that inspired it.
 Image on the left is The Moon ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") miniature acrylic painting on 4 layers of re-purposed food packaging laminated and sealed with gesso.  The image on the right is the traditional tarot card that inspired it.
Image on the left is The Sun 7.5" x 10" acrylic painting on 4 layers of re-purposed food packaging laminated and sealed with gesso.  The image on the right is the traditional tarot card that inspired it.

Upcycling Cereal Boxes and Other Food Packaging

One of my projects was to trim various food packages that I've been saving laminate 3-4 layers of same sized pieces together with gesso.  I did this to create illustration board like substrates for small acrylic paintings. Tea boxes I trimmed to ACEO size (2.5" x 3.5") then laminated three layers thick. Cereal boxes I laminated three thick. Acrylic paint, gesso and medium neutral the ph of papers they're applied to; making archival substrates of cheap materials! 

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Recent Projects and CloseOut of Marketing Venues

This is one of my daily news drawings. It was inspired by a photo in the Washington Post on 4/1/2015. It was drawn on April 1st using Inktense water color pencils and water. The substrate is a page in a 5x7" Mixed Media sketchbook.

Chillinmixed media collage ACEO
available this week on ebay: 

I used the the previous sketch to create a mixed media collage ACEO format artwork.  I used decorative papers, acrylic matte medium, permanent markers and Inktense water color pencils.

Froggy With a Chance of Rain
mixed media collage ACEO
available this week on ebay:

Inspired by the theme I did another ACEO using the same substrate and mediums as the previous one.

Other projects I've been putting time into this week... 

I'm updateing my CV and resume to update applications for adjunct teaching positions I posted in the California Community College teaching register and with local colleges.

And I've been saving records of artworks I've offered for sale within several internet art marketing websites.  I'm doing this because I'll be closing accounts in two of the sites I've placed my work in.  Both the sites charge a hundred dollars or more a year just for the privilege of selling my work within their sites.  My website does just as much for me and it's a third of the price! Now the money would have been worth it if the sites did more than simply let me sell through them, some occasional marketing on my behalf would have justified the expense. But these sites require that I do all the work and for their lack of effort if my poor marketing skills happen to incur a sale via the site I get to pay them a percentage of the sale! And I've had zero sales from either of the sites in two years...so for two years I've paid a more than two hundred bucks to two websites that have had absolutely no return on the expense...Time to cut off the dead weight!!! SSssoooooo...

Abstract 32007
one of the artworks that can be purchased at 50% off

Get 50% off 

anything and everything in my Artfire storefront by typing CLOSEOUT into the coupon code on checkout!

I'm eliminating dead weight from my marketing venues...by that I mean all marketing venues that have shown no return for the costs involved. My ArtFire account is the first internet storefront that I'm closing. There are only a few weeks left in my ArtFire account so I'm offering a closeout sale on everything in my Artfire studio; everything will be offered for 50% off from today until the date the account closes (I believe it's on April 20th but it may be sooner).

Visit my Artfire page:

If you desire any of the artworks in my Artfire shop simply type the coupon code CLOSEOUT into the coupon code field upon checkout and all items in your cart will discounted.

A few other examples of the offerings within this site:

Monday, March 23, 2015

March Nibblefest Flowers

March Nibblefest Art Contest Entries

This month's theme for Nibblefest Art Contest is Flowers I was not inspired at first but over the weekend I was cleaning up and decided to toss out my Valentine bouquet but Lo...there was one hydrangea bloom that was still going strong so I put it into my depression glass hand me down bud vase and it just looked so awesome -- that big giant puff of pink -- that I decided to draw it for Nibblefest.

The Palest Pink Puff  original photo and original mixed media artwork

Well the cleaning out of the vase of spent Valentine flowers was to accommodate my Ostara bouquet.  


And I figured since I was on a roll making the Pink Puff that I may as well keep going and make some more art inspired by the new bouquet.


Nibblefest Art Contest, is a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month and runs through the 27th.  Please be sure to search for NFAC in ebay to see a whole lot of awesome artworks, by a large variety of great artists. Each artwork has a listing price starting at just 99 cents!