Sunday, January 22, 2012

Latest Projects, Grandson's First Relief Print, Year of the Dragon Cards & Baren Forum Exchange #51

This is the first printing plate of 2012 for me; a 6x4" piece of battleship linoleum.  I've yet to print it.  Its said to be Quetzalcoatle, this bas relief is from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.  Full size photo can be seen at:

This detail of a 10x15" woodcut printing plate I'm currently carving is Mayan.  Its Lady Xloc Lintel #25 at the British Museum.  I used an image from  There is a cool video about Mayan bloodletting ceremony at:

This is a scan of my grandson Austin's first relief print.  He carved an "Easy Cut" plate, its a soft rubber material much like the smaller white drafting erasures.  The image is 5.75x6" on 8.25x8.5" cotton rag paper.

Well I've blogged long enough, I'm behind on the making of my American Dragons...They're both due 1st of February and I've barely begun the carving of the larger woodblock and school starts next week!